Monday, March 30, 2009

It's ain't red, it's 'brawn' instead!

Salam, good day. For me, it was a very eventful weekend that just left and another eventful week ahead. Yesterday at Dewan Raya RTB, Abdul Aziz Harun crowned as Bintang Kecil RTB-Kristal 2009 champion beating another 9 finalists. He is belting out 'Kau Ilhamku' and he is playing accoustic guitar as well. What a talent he was! According to him, he learned how to play guitar via the internet. Second place goes to Sabrina Eelini Mayalin and third place goes to Muhaidi Mohammad. According to the organiser, this year's competition was very tight with all the finalists belting out to their best. is the 32nd edition of Bintang Kecil since 1978 and it is getting better each year, expect another cracking competition next year. Congrats to all!
The GOH, Pg Abdul Haris Pg Shahbudin
Permanent Secretary MoHA

The Champion
Abdul Aziz Harun belting out 'Kau Ilhamku'

Receiving his prize

Well done

Salute to the audience

1st Runner Up
Sabrina Eelini Mayalin

Last year she was third

2nd Runner Up
Muhaidi Mohammad

As usual, receiving his prize as well

Senior officers of MoHA, RTB and Kristal

Best Talent Award
Awarded to Ak Hamizan Pg Hamdani

The loudest shout was here

Hanny, Dk Syasya and Voon
All of them was the former champion

The emcees





Rizal Ibrahim
His job is to make the show sounds proper
No freestyle at all!

Grand finale

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  1. Hi, Great photos! was wondering if i could steal some of them for my blog. If you dont mind, would you mind burning me the photos to a cd? So i can print it out?? you can quote me if you want. Thank you.