Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy to Hazy.

Salam, good day. Starting this week onwards my schedule was really tight. May Allah give me the strength continously for me to complete my assignment job by job. On my count, The National Day Silver Jubilee is only six days left. So as usual the functions before and after in conjunction with the National Day is on my list of assignments. After the National Day, Maulud Nabi is coming up. In the meantime we are also busy-ing for S-League Football. Although I love being busy because of workload, but sometimes we also need to remind ourself to stay healthy, to take a good care of ourself. It is very important to stay healthy since we have a very long future to go and for sure the children still needs us. Meaning that keep up the good work and stay healthy, Insya Allah if not today may be in the future we'll gain an excellent life. Amin! At the meantime the weather condition in the country changes drastically from rainy to hazy. Lets see what is going to happen in this few days, hopefully all comes good.
Practising for N-Day at The National Stadium

Yeah, as above...

Maria belting out her number at Anugerah RTB

I'm sure you know him

Could you believe this? Uni Arcade at ICC?

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